Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stereotyping or Talking Behind One's Back

People always think that they would like to know what other people think about them, what other people talk about them, and how other people see them, especially in their absence.  We tend to think that if we were hidden somewhere so that nobody could see us, then we could hear the truth.  The simple truth that people think about us. BUT are we able to handle the truth?

A friend says to another: you are pretty. And means you are ugly, I am prettier.
A co-worker says to another: nice presentation. And means it was stupid, it sucked, you suck, mine was better.
Family friends come and say that your house looks nice. And mean, it is ugly, your style is ugly, you don't know how to decorate.

A white person sees someone who doesn't look like them and thinks that they are dirty, stupid, foreign, way lower than him/her on all imaginable levels and merely a barbarian.

When should we stop? When is it enough living in a facetious world where words have a totally different meaning, where love means hate and different means bad?
When would people start saying the truth in our face?

My friend told me once that she prefers the bitter truth to sweet lies.  BUT are we all able to handle the bitter truth? Aren't we already so accustomed to the sweet lies that we aren't willing to accept the bitter truth and deny it with all our souls?

So, next time your friend asks you something try telling the truth and stop thinking that someone is bad just because he/she looks different. May be little by little we are still able to improve.

Although I am pessimistic in people's desire to improve and be better.

Until then, I will work on learning to accept the bitter truth,


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