Saturday, September 11, 2010

Equality or Myth?

While people always think that they are the ones who are better than everyone else, they also have the assumption that equality exists, or that everyone has the same chances to succeed. So, if you are bright and strong, you will succeed, even though your friend who is weak and stupid might have the same chances to succeed.  Your friend, however, is weaker and more stupid that you are and this is why he couldn't have used the chance to succeed in order to indeed succeed.
Everyone is equal.  The capitalist society offers everyone the chance to succeed and bee someone. It is in your power to be great.
Is this the case?

Man and woman are equal.  They have the same chances to succeed. To earn money, which is the one and ultimate goal in our society.  To become someone.  Virginia Woolf witnessed the time when women have been given the right to vote and to work in the 'professions' (in the professions for which education was necessary).  She writes that they earn 10% of what men earn.  She hoped that one day this will not be the case.  In Canada (as well as everywhere else in the 'developed' world) women earn a fraction of what men earn.  63%.  It is argued that men are the head of families and they NEED to earn more so that they are able to support their families if their women decide to be housewives.  OK. Up until now it all seems fair.  Now, let's bring single mother into the equation.  They are the head of families.  They still earn less than men occupying the same position and with the same education or lack thereof.  How can they support their families? No wonder that families headed by women live below the poverty line.  How is this fair? How are women presented with the same opportunities as men? Where is equality?

The capitalist society uses women when it needs them.  If there is an abundance of jobs women are called to fill them with the slogans of equality, feminism, and the high value for women in our society.  On the other hand, if there is a scarcity of jobs, women are called back home, to fulfill their jobs as mothers.  The argument is that society needs women to be mothers and in this way they do serve as precious members of this society.
If motherhood was indeed an asset in this society then it would have been paid (as money is the greatest value in capitalism, thus each job should be awarded a price; plus without money one would perish in this society).  Mothers, however, work for free at home, and for half the price of men at work.  Thus, there is no gender equality.
Moreover, women are made to believe that they are equal, they need to work, they have to strive for success however visible the 'glass ceiling' may be.  Why? Because they constitute a cheap and qualified labour force.  What is the result - the creation of a new species: bitter man-woman, desiring to have a family and children and envying those who do have them, but at the same time too afraid to lose their carriers.  This species is never accomplished, never satisfied and never happy.
What about men? Is one man as capable or fulfilling his potential in this society as another man? Have two man equal chances to succeed, ear money, be useful? The answer is unfortunately 'no.' While we often turn our finger to third world countries criticizing them for nepotism, same is true here.  One man with connections and relations has way more opportunities to land a good job than another man with no connections and relations even though, let's assume, that they have the same education, characters, etc. (all qualities you may imagine).  Sons of politicians or businessmen become ministers, young party members become prime-ministers, etc.

Equality, you are a fake term that makes capitalism a fairy tale of dreams and opportunities.


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