Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Versace for H&M

So, on November 19, 2011 Versace for H&M opened its doors in Canada. It was crazy as it was expected. People camping outside H&M stores just to put their hands on something by this major fashion house. I never went to such events before and could not anticipate the level of craziness and rush that was taking place there on that particular day. This year, however, I decided to venture into this experience and see to what extent people are ready to sacrifice their time and energy in order to achieve some fashion dream or phantasy.
I didn't camp there, I didn't even wake up early for this event. I got a bracelet that would let me into the store at a time when everything would be sold out. I did, however, put my hands on some masterpieces. All thanks to some wonderful ladies, who camped outside the store and thought it was unfair for some to grab it all before others couldn't even get their way into the store. Yeah, the sad news are here = some people were buying entire racks of clothes just to sell them on ebay later on. The good news for me and my sister - the ladies grabbed some sizes that fit small on them and as we were walking in the store and taking a look at the men's collection (there was no line-up there) the nice ladies offered us the stuff that was small on them. Mindless to express the level of ecstasy that put us into. One hour since we arrived at the mall and we were already ready to go home!
My conclusion was that in this hectic world, where everything and everyone rushes buy and only tries to make a profit out of things and out of people there are still people who are nice, who believe in fairness and humanity as well as humility. This post is dedicated to all of you who are like that. Be well my friends!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Art Classes 2

Here is my Gapchinska inspired painting in oils... I changed the face of the little man so that he resembles my little man.

Also Sparkle Ballerina was painting with me. Here is her work:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Designer

I think everyone has a favorite designer. While I tend to like a few and sometimes prefer one over the over, I think LV is my all time favorite... It's just something magical in the way a LV bag can lift your spirits even on the darkest day, whether you carry it or are just window shopping or Internet browsing...


Monday, February 21, 2011

Motherhood Reflections

What I learned about being a mother:

1.  I can function well with 6 hrs of sleep.
2.  I can function OK with 4 hrs of sleep.
3.  I can still somehow function with no sleep for a week.
4. Breastfeeding is a pain in the beginning and an addiction later on.
5. Your baby's smile brightens up the day, no matter how dark it may be.
6. Changing diapers is the easiest part of motherhood. Never believe those people who can only recollect how hard it was to change diapers all the time. It means they either had nannies or otherwise didn't do much else with their babies or for their babies.
7.  One year old babies are still babies and not little adults. They still pretty much cannot do anything else by themselves. (Contrary to what I was thinking before:))
8.  Motherhood never stops, not even when your children are long grown ups.  They are still your little babies.
9.  A father's love for his baby develops over time because he was not the one to carry it and feel it inside.  It is pretty much almost the same for the mother, minus the immense connection mothers form with their babies during pregnancies.

10.  A mother becomes a mother only through much work, love and carrying. It is not something that comes over night once the baby is born.



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Art Classes

Currently I have been admiring the art of Evgeniya Gapchinska.  Her paintings are adorable, childish, happy and full of life. Her art is fresh and funny.
I am thinking of trying to paint something in her style. If I like the result I will post it.

Here are some interesting paintings of Gapchinska

Loves it!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Current Addictions

I just love macaroons!
I know this doesn't help getting rid of the so called 'baby-fat' that I've acquired. (Although I wouldn't agree with defining it as 'baby-fat' because babies have nothing to do with pregnant women over-eating, and then not exercising to lose this extra weight... nonetheless....)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Opposites

A new year has arrived.  For many it has been full of hopes and desires; to improve oneself, one's life or the world in which one lives.
It is dark.  I take a walk through the streets of this city that is so close to me and yet so far away from my today's life and worldviews.  The lights in the houses and tiny apartments have been turned on already.  I continue walking and cannot stop looking through the windows and into people's houses and people's lives.  To my astonishment I see grandiose mansions full of riches side by side with apartment blocks filled with tiny apartments.  The mansions are spacious, bright, full of luxuries. Many maids and helpers are running around and try to make one's life better... to fulfill any desire.  The apartments are in dire need of renovations.  Some haven't seen such a thing for decades +40 years of poverty and oldness is no news there.  The ceilings are yellow from time. Wallpaper is so dry that it falls from the walls.  An old lady tries to cook some food in the small kitchen.  She tries to fantasize and make dinner out of water, a few potatoes and bread... That's all they have till the end of the month.  There are still 3 weeks left till the end of the month.

I continue walking and cannot grasp how such world of opposites can coexist side by side.  As I walk I see an old man.  He is cleanly dressed.  He looks into a garbage bin. He gets embarrassed when he notices that I saw him.  He tries to explain why he acts as he does.  He used to be an engineer.  Now, his pension is not enough for him to survive.  He has to look for food somewhere as with his pension he can only ensure a shelter for himself and his daughter.

I go on.  As I walk on the side-street, a huge SUV blocks my way.  The driver blocks the sidewalk, leaves the car there and goes somewhere.  I cannot get on the other side of the sidewalk unless I step into the dirt.  I understand - for them the ones who don't have (or look like don't have) a car are losers, the poor ones, worth nothing, no respect is needed to be shown there.  My shoes get wet and dirty.  I go on...

As we try to build our perfect little worlds at home, the world of opposites thrives.  As the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.  If we don't stop and try to reach out and help those who need it most nothing will ever change.

Anything can help - a piece of bread today, a few old clothes tomorrow, etc.  We can say If ONLY I help this will never change the world.  However, it will, for the one person in need.  We don't have to look far to find them.  We live side by side.

Will the world ever change?