Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memories of a baby bump

When I think about my pregnancy I always say to myself 'If I only knew...'
If I only knew that it is not scary to be pregnant, not scary to give birth...
If I only knew that the great majority of doctors are there to instill fear as opposed to help (2 out of 4 doctors scared me to death about non-existent issues! But they said better safe than sorry... I only realized later on that they like to keep us in fear so that we continue going to them and so that they continue accumulating money on our behalf. What better way to control a person than keep him/her in a state of fear??? My advice - trust your body and not them! If you have a bad feeling - run for your life, change the doctor do not stand there and do nothing! Trust your instincts, they never lie! I changed one last doctor (have been to 4 in total) and finally got a very very very nice doctor (for those from Ottawa - THE place to go is Montfort hospital).
If I only knew that I should have read books and consulted websites about the first few weeks when the baby was home, so that I wouldn't fear everything and would know how to change a diaper :) instead of reading non stop about pregnancy and birth and watching TLC 'A Baby Story' for hours every day!
If I only knew that pregnancy and labour are nothing compared with the actual daily job of raising a child! No one will tell you that when you are pregnant but as we deliver the bundle of joy our job just stars there as opposed to stops!
If I only knew that I would like to see pictures of my weekly or at least monthly baby bump now and I only have a few ( didn't like taking pictures then)...

However, I never knew that the first time I would see my baby I would think that labour and pregnancy were all worth it just to see the tiny creature looking at me...
I never knew that the moment I would hear him cry for the first time would be the happiest moment in my life.
I never knew that we, mere human beings, are capable to witness and participate in the miracle of life.

I am not saying that having a child is easy - it is not.  I am saying that a child makes your life worth living.



  1. Thank you so much for this post. Many doctors take advantage, but in the United States, physicians seem to be slaved by health insurances. There are procedures for physicians to follow ascribed by the health insurance. For instance, physicians can not prescribe the necessary prescription unless the patient takes prescription 1 first. If that prescription doesn't work, then the doctor can prescribe prescription 2... and so on and so forth. It's too bad that sometimes it's the nature of health care.

    But thank you for making me realize a few things for my future pregnancy. :-) I too wish to experience the same feeling of joy as you have experiencing motherhood for the first time.

  2. Hi Elle,
    Well in my case I was completely disappointed in doctors and their pure greed. The only thing 2 of them wanted was to scare me to death of non-existent issues (low-lying placenta and diabetes - when actually it wasn't the case with me) so that I continue seeking their help with the main goal of performing a C-section! Here it is fast, convenient and they get more money from it from the health insurance (which is universal here but they still get the same money as everywhere else, depending how many patients they have, how many operations they perform, etc.) My advise is to always look for a second opinion. There are good doctors but not all doctors are good ones as with all the rest of people.

    Motherhood is worth experiencing and have fun if you decide to go down that road! It is hard, but it makes you complete:)