Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Versace for H&M

So, on November 19, 2011 Versace for H&M opened its doors in Canada. It was crazy as it was expected. People camping outside H&M stores just to put their hands on something by this major fashion house. I never went to such events before and could not anticipate the level of craziness and rush that was taking place there on that particular day. This year, however, I decided to venture into this experience and see to what extent people are ready to sacrifice their time and energy in order to achieve some fashion dream or phantasy.
I didn't camp there, I didn't even wake up early for this event. I got a bracelet that would let me into the store at a time when everything would be sold out. I did, however, put my hands on some masterpieces. All thanks to some wonderful ladies, who camped outside the store and thought it was unfair for some to grab it all before others couldn't even get their way into the store. Yeah, the sad news are here = some people were buying entire racks of clothes just to sell them on ebay later on. The good news for me and my sister - the ladies grabbed some sizes that fit small on them and as we were walking in the store and taking a look at the men's collection (there was no line-up there) the nice ladies offered us the stuff that was small on them. Mindless to express the level of ecstasy that put us into. One hour since we arrived at the mall and we were already ready to go home!
My conclusion was that in this hectic world, where everything and everyone rushes buy and only tries to make a profit out of things and out of people there are still people who are nice, who believe in fairness and humanity as well as humility. This post is dedicated to all of you who are like that. Be well my friends!

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