Monday, February 21, 2011

Motherhood Reflections

What I learned about being a mother:

1.  I can function well with 6 hrs of sleep.
2.  I can function OK with 4 hrs of sleep.
3.  I can still somehow function with no sleep for a week.
4. Breastfeeding is a pain in the beginning and an addiction later on.
5. Your baby's smile brightens up the day, no matter how dark it may be.
6. Changing diapers is the easiest part of motherhood. Never believe those people who can only recollect how hard it was to change diapers all the time. It means they either had nannies or otherwise didn't do much else with their babies or for their babies.
7.  One year old babies are still babies and not little adults. They still pretty much cannot do anything else by themselves. (Contrary to what I was thinking before:))
8.  Motherhood never stops, not even when your children are long grown ups.  They are still your little babies.
9.  A father's love for his baby develops over time because he was not the one to carry it and feel it inside.  It is pretty much almost the same for the mother, minus the immense connection mothers form with their babies during pregnancies.

10.  A mother becomes a mother only through much work, love and carrying. It is not something that comes over night once the baby is born.



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