Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where are the gentlemen and have all ladies vanished?

Have you ever noticed that manners and morals are not in style anymore?
As you wait to cross the street, people bump into you because you are in 'their' way, without noticing, without saying as little as 'sorry'?
Have you ever noticed that as you try to open a door, while holding a few bangs in your hands no one will help you, people will just continue passing by, following some busy schedule they have?
Have you ever noticed that cars will try to run you over while you cross the street only because you are not in a car and thus have no right to be on the road?
Have you ever noticed that girls walk, talk, act like boys? (They imitate men by imitating their rudeness and meanness so that they look powerful)

Have you ever noticed the teenager on a skateboard who almost ran over a young mother and her stroller, didn't say as much as 'sorry' ? Have you noticed that this act hasn't bothered anyone else on the street because they didn't care?

What have we become?
Where are out manners, our sensibility, our morals?
Why do we associate power and independence with rudeness and amorality?
When has good will become inappropriate?

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